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About company

A new and modern Lithuanian company UAB “ALETOVIS” that produces linseed oil by the method of cold pressing, started its activities in March 2002. The pressed oil meets all the quality, hygiene and food safety requirements. It is processed only mechanically by employing washing with water, self-levigation and filtration. It retains all the primary natural materials, namely, irreplaceable poly-unsaturated oil acids (w-6 and w-3), vitamins, phospho-lipids, phyto-sterols, natural anti-oxydes, mineral substances and other biologically active components that are undoubtedly beneficial for the human organism.

The special system of atmospheric control throughout the entire technological process guarantees that the pressing and pouring into the tare is done without any effects of the oxygen or light, because these factors in particular have harmful effects on the poly-unsaturated oil acids. The oil is pressed at the temperature that is not higher than 40ŗ C.

Peculiarities of linseed oil usage. Due to the poly-unsaturated oil acids in its composition, the linseed oil tends to oxidize quickly. Therefore, it should be stored in the bottles with a special closure and in a cold place. When the bottle is opened the oil should be used up in 3-5 weeks because it may acquire bitter taste. This oil is not used for cooking, but it is recommended to be used for salads, soups, steaming of vegetables, etc. Bitter tasting oil should not be used for food.