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For industry

Qualities of the linseed oil Colour

  • From golden-yellow to yellow-brown.
  • Good absorption of pigment
  • Minimal colouring over (yellowish)

Linseed oil is used in the production of vanish, resins, printing paint, oil-colour for painting, aluminium paint, strong oil and boiled oil, alkyd and synthetic resins, skin-care products, linoleum, agrochemicals, glue and siccatives. Linseed oil with good humidifying qualities, oxidised in high temperature, is used in the production of printing paint and as the main binder in the production of moulding and painting materials. Alkyd oil is used for priming in paint substrates and for the reinforcement of putty. Linseed oil may be used as the main component for the making of ones own oil paint.

Linseed oil is used for the priming and final furnishing of uncoloured wood items, e.g. faēades, panels, interior and exterior carvings of the house, furniture, boats, and also for the renovation of painted wooden surfaces as well as for preparation of wooden surfaces that should not be poisonous, e.g. toys.

Since 1959 it has been used for the concrete surfaces of street layout and bridges in this way protecting the surfaces from the harmful effects of cold, salt and heavy transport loads. Linseed oil is also used as a good rust prevention.

We seek for companies engaged in processing or using linseed oil produced by the method of cold pressing in industry.